Pure chocolate with a heart

Handmade, fine-flavored, farm-to-bar chocolate from Jamaica

We work directly with our farmers and local community to bring you 100% fair & conscious chocolate

Why do we make chocolate?

Because we love cocoa!

We have been working with it for over 20 years, and in those years we have learnt that the chocolate world is not always a fair world. Cocoa farmers are underpaid, and in some countries child-labour is still daily routine. With Pure we want to show that it's possible to make chocolate that everybody benefits from, starting at the farmers, by getting to know them, work closely together to improve their wonderful product and paying them a premium price for their products. We also provide our wrapper as a canvas to local talented artists. With our products we want to show a side of Jamaica not always known to the world, and by producing our chocolate bars here on our island we hope to stimulate the local economy, even if its just a little bit. Rural Jamaica is a hidden gem in the middle of the Caribbean with breath taking sceneries, exotic flavors and beautiful hard-working people; an experience brought to you, through our fine-flavored chocolate.

Our farmers

Are our partners and our friends. We work closely together with them to get the best out of the beans, and in return we pay an above market price for their fine flavored cocoa. 

Our beans

A mix of Criollo and Trinitario, fermented and dried by hand, following a process that has been designed to stay as close to the extraordinary cocoa taste of the original beans, bringing out an exceptional flavour.

Our bars

Are farm-to-bar & hand-made and consist only of natural products, without any additives. Only Jamaican cocoa, sugar and local herbs and spices for our flavored bars. The design of our bars changes over time and provide a canvas for local upcoming artists to promote their talent to the world. Read about the current artist here.

Frontside of the 68% Pure chocolate bar with slow roasted nibs

68% Pure chocolate with slow roasted nibs

Frontside of the 70% Pure chocolate bar with Jerk seasoning

75% Pure chocolate with Jerk seasoning

Frontside of the 75% Pure chocolate bar

75% Pure chocolate 

Frontside of the 75% Pure chocolate bar

84% Pure chocolate 

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