The Artist

Pure chocolate bars provide a canvas for young professional Jamaican and Caribbean artists to promote their art to the world. We will help in promoting their work and name to our fans and hope they will become theirs too. 

In January 2017 Pure chocolate started working with Taj Francis, artist name: Taj Tenfold. 

Jamaican born visual artist, Taj Francis, has a diverse interest of expression, mainly focused through illustration. Being a multifaceted artist, his work is produced in several forms, such as: paintings, digital art, murals and video art or animation. Through this, his pieces explore the subtle nuances of human behavior and identity, specifically relating to African ancestry. 


The following works are currently featured on our bars:

68% Slow roasted cocoa nibs: "Haven"
70% Jerk seasoning: "Boasy Shade"
75% Pure: "Rivers"
84% Pure: "Black Moons"


To follow Taj, see what he does and purchase his works, please visit his website:

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