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We can't make the best chocolate without getting the best beans. For this we work closely together with local farmers. One of our farmers is Mr. Bodie. He is essential to our business because he is responsible for growing the high quality fine flavored beans known to come from Jamaica. 

At age has 25 Mr Bodie bought his own 8 acre farm in Tom's Hope Fellowship, Portland, Jamaica. He started with banana’s and has been farming his land for over 30 years now. After the banana market collapsed he started growing other crops like pineapple, breadfruit, dasheen and mostly cocoa. As a father of four his income depends on the fruits of his land, therefore he puts a lot of effort pruning his trees so he can provide the best cocoa possible. 

“It has always been my dream to sell to a small producer, I never liked the  idea of selling to a big company not knowing what the end result might be and wondering if I am treated fairly. Tasting my own beans made into a chocolate bar is a dream come true.” According to Mr. Bodie.

Interview with Mr. Bodie

First name: Dennis

Last name: Bodie

Age: 60 years old

What is your profession?

I'm a farmer, I grow pineapple, breadfruit, dasheen & bananas.

Where do you live?

Tom's Hope Fellowship Portland Jamaica.  

Please tell us a bit about yourself:

At age 25 I bought an 8 acre farm, started farming banana. But after the banana market collapsed I changed to cacao and other crops.

Tell us about your family

I'm father to 4 children. 

What makes you happy?

Rural life.

What do you love?

Landscaping, when I'm not on the farm, I'm grooming my yard.


What does cocoa mean to you?

Income, means to support my family and community.

How do you get the best quality out of your cocoa crops?

Constantly pruning trees and avoid using chemicals, keeping it organic. 

What does it mean for you that we will make chocolate out of your cocoa?

This is my dream, it has always been my dream to sell to a small business, I never like the idea of selling to a big company not knowing what is the result of his product or wondering if im treated fairly. 

How can we help you to make the most out of your cocoa?

Work close together, make the best chocolate and grow together.

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